Friday, December 28, 2007

Non-Knitters Can Rule, Too

Alas, Cashew's stocking did not get finished. I made it to the ankle, and on the 22nd we realized we still didn't have a tree, and with family coming on the 23rd, time was tight. I could finish it, but only if I was locked in a room with snacks and all 6 seasons of Sex in the City. Obviously, that wasn't an option. Luckily, Cashew won't get the whole Christmas thing for a couple more years yet. And therefore, I still rule as the cool Mommy who handknit a stocking for her kiddo. Ok, I intend to finish the sock this week, but am taking a small break to finish some other projects. All this finishing is very difficult after receiving this gift below from Hotty Hubby. It's "Knit Me" Noro Kureyon Sock yarn!

"I know you said you only wanted one skein, but I got you two."

Isn't amazing how a non-knitter can get it? I mean, just really get it? Wait 'til I tell you what my FIL did...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Warm and Fuzzy

Another FO! Whipped out in a hurry for a very special party. This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Sit 'n' Knit Holiday Party. It gets bigger and better every year! I was very happy with the positive response (60 RSVP's in 24 hours!) and the party was a blast. Of course, having an open bar helps. I mentioned that it was a PARTY, right?

Every year we have had a gift exchange, the rule being that the item must be handmade and the yarn from your stash. I have had some burgundy Malabrigo lingering in the wings and have been eyeing Minty's Bainbridge Scarf. It was a delightful knit! I modified for my yarn by casting 130 stitches and otherwise followed as written.

The gift exchange was a lot of fun and had more variety this year. Scarves, neckwarmers, washcloths, fingerless mitts, Haagen Daz cozies, heck, even thrummed mittens! I received a lovely alpaca/silk scarf and I was tickled that my Bainbridge matched the recipients' eyeglasses perfectly.

This year has been a challenge with being pregnant and having a baby and adjusting to life with a baby. I have struggled to keep organizing Sit 'n' Knit through all the adjustments. Many members picked up the slack by guest hosting and initiating events and suggesting venues. Thank you!!! It has meant so much to me to hear how much the group means to others. I love the color and variety of the personalities that come together for the sake of good times and yarn. It's like the most beautiful variegated yarn knit into a very warm and fuzzy scarf. I am honored to call the members of Sit 'n' Knit my friends!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

La, la la la la la la, la, la la! At last, Juliet is complete! I started this back in October in hopes of wearing it to the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival. But that didn't happen. And then I thought I could finish it in time for Tawana's baby shower. But that didn't happen. And finally, I was determined that I would have it done in time to wear to the Sit 'n' Knit Holiday Party and by golly, that happened!

So why was I so slow? Well, life with a baby cuts into knitting time. That and I kinda fell out of love with this project. I am not fan of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky. (Here's why.) I started second guessing the style for my figure. I was worried that it was going to be too baggy because of a small error I made. And then I finished it. AND I LOVE IT! More than I thought I would. Finally, a sweater I made that I will wear in public!

After perusing the Juliet's on Ravelry and learning that this sweater tends to run big, I decided to make the XS. I did an extra set of increases at the arm holes, which in the end, I probably didn't need to do. My mistake came when working down the body after the arm holes. I forgot to decrease to get back to the correct number of stitches. Thankfully, I was only over by 4 stitches. Even so, 4 stitches is practically an inch at this gauge. I was in too much of a rush with various deadlines to get this puppy done, so I was not going to fiddle with the math for the lace bit. So I just added the extra stitches to the edge, making the border 5 garter stitches as opposed to 3. It worked out pretty well, though I thought the body was going to end up as big as a ball gown. I haven't blocked it yet, so we'll see what happens.

The buttons are from Tender Buttons. I had a bunch of different buttons laid out on a table at the store and this guy walks by and points to the ones in the photo above and said "I like those." and walked away. I immediately put the other buttons away and purchased these lovelies. Sometimes you just need someone else to make the decision for you. Thanks, man!

As for the scarf from my other post, no, it was not for the Sit 'n' Knit Gift Exchange. My clue was subtle, but I thought for sure that my mom would get the hint. (She didn't. "Blueberries? Who's in Maine?") The scarf was sent off to Helga in Finland! As for the Sit 'n' Knit party, it was a blast. I have a whole separate blog post for that one!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The Annie Knits Dance Team presents... click me!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Gift of Blocking

And now we take a break from the creepy knitting to bring you this finished project! The Gift of Friendship Scarf by Christine McKnight knit with Schaefer Anne.

This was a great knit! The pattern is very easy to memorize. A bitch to tink, but using a life line was a life saver. I used a fingering weight and didn't really worry about gauge. What I should have worried about was pre-blocking vs blocking. Note to self - knit a swatch and wash and block to calculate percentage of growth next time you knit a lace project where gauge isn't critical. Duh.

Pre-blocking the scarf measured 7.5" wide and 32" long. Kind of short, I know. I figured I'd knit until I got good and tired of knitting. Schaefer Anne has a lot of yardage so I got good and tired of knitting a little sooner than I expected. I kept guesstimating how long the scarf was actually going to be, and I guess all that thinking hurt my head because one night I just decided that I was done. (See the note to self above.) I finished the garter edge and decided that I had planned all along for a shorter scarf. And truthfully, I like this scarf shorter. It's not meant to be a muffler, just some fluff for the neck area to keep out the draft. I like how it looks draping across the front of the neck, crossing the ends behind the neck and bringing the ends back to the front and tucking. (Basically the exact opposite of how a scarf is traditionally wrapped.)

With blocking it measures 8" wide and 44.5" long. Not too bad! I love how the mesh highlights the subtle color changes in the yarn. The yarn reminds me of blueberry bushes. Any guesses as to where this scarf is going? It is a gift, after all...

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