Monday, February 06, 2006

8 Down, 51 To Go

I like to think that it is a goal of mine to knit for charity every year. There are many opportunities, and it is fairly easy to do, and therefore, easy not to do. Knit Out 2005 collected scarves and squares for blankets for homeless shelters. The Point had a garter stitch square drive for babies who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. I didn't participate. I consider myself a charitable and giving person, and have given to the Red Cross and Unicef. But knitting is something I can DO. Perhaps it is the leftover spirit from New Year's Resolutionitis, or the catchy determination of the Knitting Olympics, I am pumped to do this! This is something I as a knitter can do to make a meaningful contribution.

I recently asked my knitting group to get involved with Project Linus. So far the response has been great. Some may knit their own blankets, some together as a small group, or contribute to my block blanket. I think it is amazing to think that a few people knitting one skein's worth in garter stitch blocks can make a beautiful blanket. So imagine what a couple hundred knitters can do. Hmmmm.

I always have grand ideas of what I can do with my knitting and the elaborate blanket that I can make for a charity such as this. But I may never get to that elaborate blanket, or square, or scarf, or hat. But I can do a garter stitch square everyday. It takes about 1 hour for me to do 44 rows using a size 7 needle and Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn. I have decided that I will make one square (maybe more, we'll see...) everyday until Friday, March 31. That's 59 squares (starting Feb 1). It takes 96 to make one 40X60 blanket and 49 squares to make a 36X36 blanket. Between what I can knit and donations from my group, we may be able to provide 1 or 2 blankets to this organization. I think that's great.

Sooooo, for your inspiration - check out these charities.

Afghans for Afghans
Soldiers' Angels
Operation Top Knot
Warm Up America
Precious Pals
The Painted Turtle
Mother Bear Project

One hour and a little garter stitch can go a long way! WOO HOO!


Blogger Knitting Fiend said...

I'll be doing my squares too! Wondering if I should order the yarn online or get down to the knitting store... of course if I go in there I'll probably come out laden with Manos and who knows what else.

Then again, my Addi Turbos just arrived in the mail, so I now have the equipment to start (dun dun DUN!!) my first sweater! So maybe a trip to the yarn store is in order anyway.

Looking forward to Wednesday!

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Necia said...


Will you let me know how many you're getting out of each skein? How many blocks that is? Don't worry I'm definitly gonna add to your blocks.


11:00 PM  

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