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Every summer my mom goes to Finland. I must say, this works out very well for me, as she always brings back some neat yarn from the country where it seems like everyone knits and weaves. One summer she brought me this weaving project. The warp and weft are ready to go and I have been waiting to get better at weaving before I put this on my loom. I didn't want my beginner clumsiness to screw it up. However, I think the bigger problem is the little piece of paper that seems to hold some instructions. I don't speak Finnish. No biggy, right? Using my Finnish to English dictionary, I have figured out some words, and I am hoping that as I wind the warp on my loom some of these numbers will start to make sense. Meanwhile my brow is furrowed as I stare at this piece of paper, willing an English translation. I see Botox in my future.

If you speak Finnish or know anyone who does and can offer some assistance, I'd greatly appreciate it! So would my forehead.




Blogger Knitting Ewe said...

Kurja , I-KIRJAIN ajaa ei osata kuka tahansa joka haastaa Finnish:)

12:32 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Allena, did you just put random words together to drive me crazy?

1:29 PM  
Anonymous bjgvet said...

I do not speak/read Finnish, so I am just making educated guesses, but I think that the notes are indicating length and width of project, as you seem to have translated. Then...the notation regarding 4/cm is the sleying density/reed size(ie. use a 40 reed european, or 10 dent reed American)and sley 1 per dent. The 2,2,1,1,1,2,2 could be the threading pattern. I am mystified by the 40/1....unless that is the recommended guage for weft....which would be extremely fine going across a 10 epi wool. There you have my uneducated guesses based upon weaving experience and a little swedish weaving training. Was weft provided? Please do share if you sort this out! Enjoying your blog.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Help is on the way...
I emailed Anni, Anna-Leena and Liisa.
I think it's time for the Kavulla family to go to Finland, see Santa Claus, get weaving stuff, and eat pulla! Good idea?

MOM aka Isoaiti or Mummi :D

10:35 AM  
Blogger Natalie said...

My boyfriend's mom says that "reunassa vahvikelangat" means "sides have re-enforced wool". We're not weaver's so we're not entirely sure what that means! Hope it helps!

10:46 AM  
Blogger Sarppi said...

I thought I spoke English, but now that I'm trying to put to words what my mom explained the piece says, I find I don't...

The piece describes how you're supposed to put the warp yearn into the loom. It's not a weaving pattern :)

It says there's enough warp for weaving 5m and you should put it in the reed blade so that it's 35cm in width. On both sides, for the two first "holes" in the reed blade, you should use two threads of warp and one for the rest of the "holes".

The thickness 4/cm means and estimate of using 4 threads of weft per cm, but mom says you can make it as tight or loose as you like.

The 40/1 refers to the size of the reed blade. I don't know how to say it but if you're using the most closely spaced one, you could put the warp in every other "hole".

There! I hope that helps. The last one with the 40/1 actually says "pirta", but someone obviously read "pinta" and translated it as "surface" :D

Greetings from Liisa, she was warming up the sauna when I called her. This was Anna-Leena.

12:30 PM  
Blogger lomester said...

If only it was Spanish... :)

1:52 PM  

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