Friday, January 12, 2007

Tomorrow Never Comes

Clearly no rush to showcase my UFO's of 2006. But by golly, I said I would show them and I will. Here you have Embossed Leaves socks. I was so excited to knit these, and then just fell out of love. Not sure what happened, but I don't think we'll get back together. It's not's me...

Orangina. Pregnancy. The two just didn't go together. As much as I love the pattern and the yarn, a tiny little sleeveless top doesn't go with my gargantuan belly and big ass. I haven't decided yet if I should just knit this a size bigger and wear it this summer anyway (baby will be born by then) or reassign the yarn to a little dress for the bambino. (Color is not at all accurate in this photo.)

I Trekked, stopped for a breather and apparently needed the needles for something else. I love this yarn. I think I enjoyed the pattern. Not sure what happened, but there wasn't enough oomph there to keep me going. I do plan on knitting socks with this yarn. Maybe plain socks.

I was so excited to join the Petals Collection sock club. My first batch of yarn came and I remember I was the first person to post on the knitalong. And never finished the second sock. The first sock seemed a little short, and I guess the idea of reknitting the toe just shrank my mojo. I might finish them. I might not.

I restarted this hat 3 times. I had this grand idea of knitting a fair-isle hat with these muted tones (Morehouse Merino) and for the life of me just couldn't pull the pattern together. I was borrowing from several different patterns and I guess it just hurt my placenta brain. Finally I put it aside. We've had the warmest winter anyway. Seriously, who needs a hat when it's 70 degrees in January?

Yah, who knows what these are. All I know now is as soon as I am done with this post, they will be frogged and put back in the stash!

Now that all my skeletons are out of the closet, my shame on display for all, I feel as though I can move on. Rest in peace, little unfinished knits. I'm outtie!


Blogger gleek said...

orangina would be nice for the summer! you should pick that back up again for sure.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Lindabella said...

I love it!

I have some of these too but recently frogged them to save the yarn and make Christmas presents for my family. I think I may still have 2 left....

10:05 PM  
Blogger Harlem Purl said...

What a brave soul you are. I'm too ashamed to post my UFO's. I'm too darn lazy to rip even though I know I'll prolly won't finish most of them.

BTW, I'm still drooling over your Petals Collection yarn.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Release the guilt. Frog, finish, and move on!

I laughed when I read your post since I am wearing my Calla Lilly Petals Collection socks right now! If you muts know, they've held up beautifully!

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you're funny. Well, if you don't love it you should frog it. I know what you mean about knitting a tank when you are pregnant, they just don't go together. I am searching for a good roomy pattern for right after the baby is born. Like I will have time to knit it, but I am still looking :-)

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Mintyfresh said...

I love that you have things started and you don't even know what they are! Everything is beautiful; it's a shame to frog them but life's too short to have knits you're not into languishing on needles that could be used for something else.

It was FANTASTIC to finally meet you; I can't wait to participate in more events!

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully there's a lot of other projects out there that can inspire you more :-)

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

What is it about those embossed leaves socks? I'm 3/4 of the way through the first, and losing steam. I think it's because they look so pretty on the feet, but so ugly on the needles.

Alas! Here's to maybe finishing yours one day!

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should finish those petel collection socks!! look so close to being done!
I have a couple of UFOs that I've said "goodbye" to recently and it is a good feeling! I love what the gals at A Little Loopy say..."Life is too short for bad knits" ;)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Necia said...

At what point does an wip turn into a ufo? I think it's all about the wording. You are very brave to post up, I know I'm not.


11:08 AM  
Blogger schrodinger said...

You're being so brave showing off your UFO's in daylight. Good luck with them, whatever you chose to do with 'em.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Tawana said...

Ha! Better you than me, I could never post about all my ufos.


2:09 AM  

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