Monday, August 28, 2006

Back Home

I'm back from a vacation that was way too short! I did finally start the Embossed Leaves socks (Interweave Knits Winter 2005) though I did the majority of the knitting on the plane ride home.

And yes Hila, we were in Bermuda! It's our favorite beach getaway and we had a lovely time doing pretty much nothing.

I got home and there was the next installment of the Petals Collection waiting for me! Hydrangea is the flower and the yarn looks yummy. I may not start these yet, as I still haven't finished Calla so many other little projects to finish up.

And yes, there is the rare cat-yarn picture. Goosh is our older cat, and she seemed so happy laying there that I didn't have the heart to give her the boot. She likes to lay on things. Anything, really.

Off to unpack, sort laundry and take care of a week's worth of dust...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Makeshift Terrace

Terrace issues? What terrace issues?

Embossed Leaves socks with Koigu in a dusty lavendar. I'll start them...after a nap...



Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Need for Vacation

Knitting has been slow here at Annie's (more on that later). I still haven't finished that baby sweater but I am working on it. Sometimes. I was able to finish this little project for Project Knitaway. The challenge was to knit something using materials from the hardware store.

I feel kind of like a cop out for using fine cotton string, but atleast the outcome is something kind of different. I was inspired by the Paper Lantern pattern from AlterKnits by Leigh Radford. I modified the pattern using cotton string, size us6 needles and I kept everything garter stitch. I was worried that the light wouldn't show through enough so I added two sets of released yarnovers.

I really like the way it turned out! I could easily see making a string of these for my terrace.

My terrace. *sigh*

For those of you keeping up with the drama, our terrace is still not done. It has been 2 1/2 months and the workers have destroyed it. We have watched every other terrace be completed and ours was being used for storage.

A read through of our lease and we saw that we had to allow the landlord to perform maintenance on our terrace, but nowhere did it say that we pay rent for the landlord to use our space for storage. SO - a call to the project manager, he came and looked at the terrace and had the crap removed immediately. Yay! Our terrace now looks like this:

Well almost. As of today the shop vac and a couple of sanders were back. UGH. We are leaving for vacation on Monday and I can't wait. Hopefully the Fix-It Fairies will be by to not only finish the terrace, but to fix the window that the workers broke. (Hey, maybe they'll finish that baby sweater, too!)

I see an umbrella, sandy beach and blue water about 48 hours away. Om.....Om.....


Friday, August 11, 2006

Hurry Up and Finish!

The baby has been born and this is all I have! I better get crackin'... My goal is to have it done by this weekend.

And then I can finally move on to something else. HOORAY!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hooray for Secret Pal!

At last, a package from my Secret Pal! It was filled with lots of yarn, starting with these huge hanks of kid mohair. Brooks Farm Yarn Primero. There is no color number, but it's a beautiful deep salmon color. Hand dyed, yay!

There is also a hank of this variegated version. Salmon, orange and lavendar, lovely. There's a color code type thing on the label and it says SW-M and K24. I have been wanting to knit some lace and now I have the appropriate yarn to do so.

And another fabulous hank of yarn! Bear Mountain Colors in Wilderness. Looking forward to making a yummy pair of socks for the cold winter weather.

There's also "Healing Yew" Knitter's Balm, a notepad, and my favorite - a case for keeping stitch markers and pins. All the little pieces have seperate compartments that snap shut. I love it! (I also really like the beaded marker included.) I am always losing pieces despite keeping them somewhat organized. This is a great addition to my knitting bag!

Thank you so much SP, I love everything!