Friday, September 29, 2006

Stress Relief Comes From the Repetitive Motion of Weaving

I'm no expert on tweed, but this Kathmandu Aran is delicious. 85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere. Sorry Hila. (hee hee!) Green is such a tricky color to photograph, so take my word for it. The color is soft without being too minty or too sagey. I love it.

My future distowels! Again, the green doesn't look all that distinctive, and I am not sure about how they work together. (The green on the left is more sage/gray, the cones on the right are more mint).

After some tips from my pal Judy, I decided to have a go at the last bit of the gamp. The end is in sight!

It seems that way for my terrace, too. But of course, the end is never in sight for this project.

A week ago the drain outside (remember all the debris and equipment that was dumped for months on end?) finally flooded the terrace so badly it flooded right into our apartment. The floor is buckling along the whole length of our living room. They need to rip out our entire living room floor and glue on new wood, different floor from the other two rooms in our apartment, of course. And the broken window? Still not fixed.

We've called. We've been nice. We've been not nice. We have a number for a lawyer.

Have I mentioned that I'm pregnant and getting married in two months?


Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Have a Craving!

I haven't been knitting much and it's been bumming me out. I feel bad for not feeling inspired, and I want some gratification for a project. But I have no idea what to make. And then I looked at my loom. My poor, abandoned loom. The weaving guild I belong to is starting up again and I am getting really excited. Morning sickness stopped all progress on the gamp. I am a little over half way done with it, so I jokingly said to a friend, "I'm thinking about cutting off the gamp and weaving a plain ol' scarf." She replied, "Why don't you?"

So last night I pulled out my box of color cards and started planning. I ordered some Kathmandu Aran in a lovely green for a very simple tabby scarf. I have always wanted to try a dishtowel, and keeping it again, plain weave and this time using Homestead Cotton, I decided to throw in a couple stripes of soft greens. (Much softer than my color pencils would allow.) I calculated and calculated and scribbled and furrowed my brow (this is a new craft for me after all, and I can't guesstimate like I can with knitting) and I think I got enough yarn. Probably too much. That's ok. It's pretty cotton.

So now I don't feel so bad about the plain garter stitch scarf. It's a lovely limey green, much more bright in normal light. (Knitpicks Andean Silk "Lettuce") There is definitely a green theme going on around here...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Obsession Is Normal

So, Saturday night I went with my dear (blogless) friend Rachel to hear Stephanie Yarn Harlot Stephanie speak at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble. I am actually sitting way in the back. Thank goodness for the zoom button. She is as funny in person as she is in her books and on her blog. I was really looking forward to meeting her, but the event ran late and our respective muggles were waiting for us to have dinner at Long Tan. Hunger in the early months of pregnancy is a blessed thing and I was starving. The line to meet Stephanie was long, and I wasn't pregnant enough to bust to the front of the line. Phooey.

But alas! I arrive at the Knit-Out today and there is Stephanie at the author's table and the line is SHORT. I was pleased as punch to rattle on about my glee at knitting socks for the first time for the Knitting Olympics (she even checked them out), incubating a future knitter and told her about Project Knitaway. Cuz hey, knitting can be considered a sport!

I even got a sock picture! Yes, it's these sort of moments that make my little world go 'round. (I was ready to knock the teeth out of the woman who interrupted my moment so she could oggle over Stephanie and in the process shout in my ear to prove that she was really down with her. It's my turn to oggle, lady! Get in line.) But thank you to the other woman who offered to take this picture for me. You are a kindred spirit, maybe because we share the same name?

Later I met up with my Sit n' Knit buddies to knit in the great outdoors and enjoy the day. It was great to see my blogging buddies, Hila, Necia, Tawana & Jen/Julian. Plus I met many of our new members and overall, had a great afternoon.

Good times, good times.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finally! My News...

Well... apparently I ordered some of the same yarn as Areli and Allison (or maybe it's just the letter "A") because literally days after they announced their "projects", I found out that I also had a bun in the oven! Cooking expected to be done sometime in March.

My dear blog friends, this is my excuse for lack of knitting and posting. I have been praying to the porcelain gods and sleeping. Everything is going much better now and I imagine the needles will be flying soon. We had a sonogram this morning and saw little hands and feet and heard the heartbeat. Mommy & Daddy-in-training are very happy.